Your Pebble Can Make A Wave Of Change

7 days left!...

To change the course of our future one robe at a time and one non-profit at a time.

Why do you matter or why should you care?

I have one word...


Communities concerned for environmental and human health, and the health of all creatures of the Earth!

The community needs YOU!

Here's the vision:

Speaking with my baby sister recently about the significance and power of the current peaceful protesting on Mauna Kea

and how outdoor community-centered spaces will play a huge role in the next step in cultural, community and environmental healing,

my sister wisely said, “You can't have sustainability without community."

Boom! She nailed it in one sentence…

That’s why it’s so significant that a portion of the proceeds from Imbued robes will support Kauai Animal Education Center.

A 7-acre farm on Kauai, KAEC is a refuge center for animals including humans; is an organic farm, and a community center all rolled into one!

KAEC is more than an animal shelter, it’s a model for the life-changing, positive effects of a community engaged around a good cause!

KAEC provides a home for rescue animals to be adopted while they also provide children in the community with education in responsible animal care, organic gardening, regenerative farming practices, and other life skills!

Yet, it's even more than that...

KAEC is also a place where community members, who are recovering from addiction and mental health issues, can fulfill their community service, connect with the land and bond with animals...which can heal a troubled mind, sooth the soul and lift the spirit!

For KAEC, the programs they have planned include…

• Creating a Food Forest.
• 100% zero waste zone where EVERYTHING is reused.
Farm to table food experiences.
• Girl Scouts who cultivate garden beds and sell their produce.
• Collaboration with the Native Hawaiian Language schools to build a traditional hale "house" for lectures and workshops of all kinds.
• 24-hour Vet center for veterinarians who donate hours or interns to gain hours.
• Mental health therapists who come to work with their patients.

With all the good that KAEC does; they need help to keep up the good work!

Which is where Imbued robes comes in, and where you can come in, too!

Even if you aren’t confident your purchase of a robe will make much of a difference in the #slowfashionmovement…

You can be confidant in the knowledge your purchase of an Imbued robe…

will make a BIG difference for KAEC.

And that it’s a pebble in the lake of positive change in the Fast Fashion industry!

Every Pebble Matters

With only 7 more days to get your Imbued robe on...

head on over to the Indiegogo site...

and toss your pebble in the lake!

The more pebbles, the more ripples, and with ripples…


Aloha Nui..

Kristin Brown