Cheap Fashion IS The Point

While speaking with my dad last week, he questioned why Imbued robes cost so much more compared to a chain clothing store.

Even though he’d been to Imbued's web page and watched the Indiegogo campaign video and knows my mission is to educate about the hidden cost of fast fashion.

I thought to myself; he’s missing the point?

Imbued robes are made from sustainably sourced materials, using ethical practices which may seem pricey until you take a deeper look.

Consciousness Raising Begins at Home

I didn't always look at the "real price tag” of a garment and consider the materials used, or whether it was made in a sweatshop.

That is until I watched the True Cost documentary, and my eyes were opened.

My dad’s innocent reaction to the price-point of Imbued robes, was a perfect reminder of why I started Imbued:

To educate, beginning with my dad apparently, and help clean up this dirty business!

Because the truth is, change happens slowly and you gotta start somewhere…

When we buy a piece of cheap fashion at a chain store,

9 times out of 10 the worker who made that inexpensive garment, worked a 12-hour day—faced physical assaults, verbal abuse and in some cases even death, as with the Rana Plaza catastrophe.

In China, smog from coal burning is so bad smog masks have become a thing;
a pollution the clothing industry contributes to.

It’s a fact that farm and factory workers in the clothing supply chain are far more likely to get cancer from exposure to the toxic chemicals used to make cheap clothes.

You and I are not exempt from this danger either as these toxins rest against our skin everyday from our clothes.

And this is the short list of the hidden cost behind that cheap robe made of unsustainable fabric, by workers being paid less than one U.S cent per hour!

This is Our Problem

Since we all wear clothes, we are all apart of the solution.

When the truth was exposed to me, I was moved to do something about it,
and if you feel moved, you can do something about it, too…

Become educated, be informed and make conscious choices…

It starts now!

By supporting Imbued, it’s more than just a robe…

It’s an action that supports a much LARGER mission...
the Slow Fashion Movement and a non-profit dedicated to bettering their community.

It’s donating your hard-earned dollars to a cause not just a material item.

Maybe it’s your first conscious clothing purchase, or maybe you’ve been in this Fashion Revolution longer than me…

Either way… high five!

When we make one conscious choice together, we make the movement move. And with out action, things will continue in this filthy manner.

So Why Does Eco-Conscious, Ethically Made Clothing Cost More?

I think I've scratched the surface on that question for now, and more to come soon...

Next step is getting the word out by forwarding this email and sharing Imbued's Indiegogo link

Mahalo nui for making it this far on the journey! We have an exciting adventure ahead of us my Free Spirited Beauties!

Kristin Brown