Woman …Image or Expression

I've been thinking about what it means to be a woman as I work to create a women’s bathrobe line.  Marketing the tagline “for free spirited beauties” I think who are these women?  Who am I as a woman?  

I’ve lived in Hawaii for the past 12 years and feel some-what isolated from main stream culture.  Yet overall the branding of women is strong just about anywhere you go.  

I feel we women are often missing important pieces while living out subliminal media suggestions of who women should be.  Image and expression are unique human elements that can be exciting and freeing.  But what are we trying to express about ourselves as women?  

Being a woman isn’t about what you wear or how you look.  It's an opportunity to explore how you connect, what you create, how you move in your skin, what strengths you have to share with others.  

The image of the 21stcentury modern woman is busy, stylish, fit and independent.  I know so many “boss ladies” that fit this description and we all seem to have something else in common… trying to do too much on our own.  

There was a time when women communed daily with each other.  We cooked together, sowed seeds together and raised families together.  We’ve come far but did we also lose something along the way? 

As a product of western culture’s masculine drive for success I find myself having to soften and remember how I want to “be” as a woman.  Sometimes it’s as simple as remembering to slow down and soften how I speak.  To add a little more sway in my step when I walk like the graceful hips of a hula dancer. Yes, that's the word, "Dancer". 

I believe we don’t express ourselves enough through dance as women.  Dancing is a timeless tradition celebrated across the earth for a reason.  There are so many styles, pick your choice.  

Take time to honor the woman you are.  Find ways that nuture and express this aspect of yourself.  It can be as simple as reading a certain book, a blog, listening to a certain album, painting, writing poetry, ect.  

When you start to explore ways to connect you will find what you need.  If you want to take it to another level then coming together to do any of these forms of expression among a group of other women is so very powerful.  It can be healing, freeing and fun!

It's important to remind ourselves regularly that all of us women are a part of the same tribe.  It’s easy to separate ourselves in this ever-increasing digital world that distracts us.  

We’re all faced with these same idealized roles of what it means to be a woman.  We all have some sort of insecurities around it.  But more than anything, we all have the potential to honor and uplift each other. 

I feel like being a woman at its best is about strong bonds and gracefulness.  It’s an identity to be explored both personally and communally.

My hope is that more women explore what we’re capable of achieving together.  We strive to set better examples for one another.  We step up to help each other more often.  In essence, I think that’s part of why we’re here.  

When all is said and done may we look at our hands and think it’s not how old they are but what they did.  What they represented as a woman.

Kristin Brown