What Do Women's Robes Have To Do With Non-Profits & A Few Secrets?

I have a secret…

I don't think I'm a great writer. But that doesn't stop me...because I love sharing new ideas!

And I enjoy most any creative process that involves transformational change. So good writer or not...I write and with practice I’m confident I’ll write well!

One such creative project worth sharing is the Kauai Animal Education Center, or KAEC—a non-profit organization that’s an animal rescue and education center, a developing cultural space and a supportive place for people recovering from addiction, or depression.

If you know me, you know I geek-out a bit on volunteering.

So when I ran into my friend Christy Wong, founder of Kauai Animal Education Center, I knew the synchronicity was special… especially since I hadn’t seen her for 3 years!  I felt with all my heart I had found the perfect non-profit Imbued’s 1st collection would support… (more on that later).

Having nearly lost their property to flooding (and sadly lost some of their animals), KAEC's story is one of hard work, dedication, and a whole bunch of faith. Despite the losses from the flood, this unfortunate event led to good fortune! 

A generous donation of 7-acres of the most beautiful, fertile land (with a freshwater stream running through it) now provides refuge for both animals and the community of Kaua’i.

The experiences my daughter and I have had volunteering are delightful; we don’t want to leave every time we visit!

I learned that this was precisely KAEC’s aim--for folks to come stay awhile, discover the joys of time spent on a farm with the animals, and serving together as a community. To find out more about KAEC click here.

So back to the mentioning of Imbued -- a line of sustainably sourced, ethically made women’s robes.  What does an animal shelter have to do with eco-conscious robes?

As the first collection nears launch, I’m excited to say, a portion of proceeds from the sale of each Imbued robe, will be donated to KAEC's beautiful mission!

The latest on Imbued…

As I write, Imbued's L.A. manufacturer is shipping more robe samples to me. I've had several photos shoots with two different photographers, and I'm shooting my first Kickstarter campaign video (wow!).

Next up: A big marketing push to get the word out!

On that count, I'd love your help... sharing the link to my newsletter subscription here...

The 2nd secret.

I'm a little nervous..some days a lot…and many days I’m excited!

But I remind myself; courage isn't the absence of fear, but rather doing what we love or must...even as we are afraid. 

So from my brave hear to yours!


P.S. If you haven't checked out Imbued's Instagram, or Facebook page to see all that's been happening...please do!

Kristin Brown