Unicorns Exists, and Eco-conscious Fashion is a Reality!

It's official! Imbued joined the Fashion Revolution, and so have you!

Thanks to you…

Imbued successfully raise $8,287 through Indiegogo, which put Imbued in the #fashionrevolution, and into production!

$207 was donated to the small, yet mighty Kauai Animal Education Center!

So there’s no turning back, we're in this revolution together! You, Me, We are the force to make this eco-fashion movement move.

To be the magic that changes the world one conscious choice at a time!


Fast-forward this Eco-mission to Southern California…(where else would I find a unicorn)?

I found a new sew factory partner in Los Angeles to produce Imbued’s first collection called Ari Jogiel!

Ari's outstanding reviews had me at "hello," but the thing that sealed the deal?

A customer review titled..."The Unicorn of Manufacturing! "

Say no more, am I right? 

How could I not partner with Ari the unicorn? 

That's Ari and me in the photo...


But meeting the unicorn of sew manufacturing is only the magical beginnings of your Eco-robe… 

What's that you said…you haven't bought yours yet? Ooooh, there's only a few left here!

Now hold on to your magic wand, because there’s more…

It's official …again!

Imbued is now a registered business.

Which was a sparkling, glimmering moment of synchronicity.

While registering the business, the wondrous woman who did the registering, connected me to her daughter, a fabulously talented graphic designer named Alysha!

Weird fact…

The first letters of the names of Alysha's 3 kids when put together spell the word ART.

And she loves to go camping, just like me.  In fact, my daughter and I are going camping with her family this weekend!!

Once we return to civilization, Alysha will put her graphic design wizardry to use on Imbued's branding.

With Imbued's clothing tags being made of hand-made paper filled wildflower seeds, I need Alysha to make these tags worthy of such Earth-lovin’ magic (take a peek at the rough draft)!

The tags will be printed at Greenfield Paper in San Diego… 

 Another earth-friendly company involved in this process is Ecoenclose out of Colorado. 

They make it possible for your robe to arrive in a 100% post-consumer waste envelope with a zero-waste shipping label stuck on top.

So now you know the whole package will be filled with Eco-love, pixie-dusted by a unicorn, and bursting with good vibes!

Production starts in the next few weeks, so if you've not bought your Eco-superpowered robe yet…

 What are you waiting for?

 (I wasn’t kidding that there are only a few robes left)

 get your superpower Eco-robe today! 

And don’t miss out on any of the Eco-news coming up...

Much more ahead my Free-Spirited Beauties.

Cheers to each one of us adding an eco-sparkle back into the world...and with each one of us, that’s a lot of glitter and rainbows!

P.S. Mahalo, for sharing this newsletter with a friend who is sure to enjoy it!

 Aloha Nui,


Chief Creative Instigator and good news spreadin' enthusiast!

Kristin Brown