The Process

Earlier in 2016 the idea of Imbued entered my mind.  Several things lead up to that moment, one was the search to find a comfortable bathrobe.

The more I looked the more I was suprised at the limited options. There were lots of silky, lace robes and bulky terry cloth robes but not many other choices.

The night Imbued became an idea my mind was flooded with ways to create a unique robe line.

The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world next to the oil industry.  More than 1 million people are thought to die every year from air pollution in China.  A huge price to pay for an inexpensive shirt.

Most of the clothes people wear in the U.S. come from China, Vietnam and India and directly impact this crisis. This is a major reason Imbued robes will be manufactured in the U.S. from sustainable material.

Also Imbued robes will be offered only online and in limited collections. No "sneed" making here Mr. Lorax.

Offering Imbued robes only online allows more room for a percentage of proceeds to go towards non-profits.  This is an integral part to Imbued as a brand.

Imbued's first collection will have 2 different robe styles each offered in 3 color options. Each style is still being developed for just the right look.

Recently the first round of Imbued business cards were delivered from a San Diego based company that hand makes seeded paper. The cards have chamomile flower seeds embedded in them and can be planted to grow flowers!

There is much more to bring together before Imbued is ready to launch.

My hope is that Imbued robes will be passed down from generation to generation.  When my Grama passed away I was given a night gown of hers she wore in her twenties.  It is one of my most treasured gifts.

Imbued robes have a speacial story and meaning to tell.  I look forward to sharing that story with you in the months to come.

A Hui Hou,


Kristin Brown