Okay so I'm ready to start explaining. I've been wanting to get to this part for months but I suppose as the saying goes "timing is everything".

So it all started with a boy or rather a man that moved in next door.  The moment we met my life changed.

We had an intense connection but it remained platonic. To narrow it down I was looking for a husband.  He wasn't looking to be a father figure and I have a young daughter.

We spent many evenings talking about all kinds of subjects. He was one of the most creative and capable men I've met.  After knowing him for 8 months he left to travel the country in an RV.

This man held the bar high and lived life freely.  His creativity and drive ignited a fire in me. The kind that turns dreams into reality.

When he departed Kauai he mentioned Instagram was an easy way to keep in touch.

At that time I didn’t have an Instagram account and I was told it’s better than Facebook.  It was explained to me that Instagram is an excellent platform for artists.

When I thought about creating an Instagram page I wanted it different from my Facebook page.  I wanted the page to be a collage of my creativity but what exactly did that mean?

I’ve always been a creative person but didn’t pursue this aspect in my career.  I’ve tinkered with various crafts through the years but nothing that could financially support me. 

One night I started looking at different Instagram pages and thought, "I want to express my femininity, creativity and I want it to be through my business".  All at once the idea came to mind to create a women’s bathrobe line that supported non-profits.

I had such a deep, peaceful sleep that night, no mental chatter and I took it as a good sign.

Ideas immediately flooded my brain. Like using sustainable light weight fabric instead of bulky terry cloth to make the robes sexy yet practical.

I’d tie the robes proceeds into different local Hawaii non-profits.  I could bring my daughter along to help at these non-profits and document it.

Many more pieces came to mind which I created a whole binder for.  When I was ready to take action I Googled, “how do I find a sustainable clothing manufacturer?” and the program Factory45 was the 3rd link down.

It was perfect finding this online sustainable start-up fashion course.  I applied when applications opened and awaited nervously. I got in!

Student Pic.jpg

So here I am 7 months later and slowly things are coming together in ways that assure me I’m following the right path with creating IMBUED robes. 

I have many more pieces to bring together and encouragement is welcome.

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With Gratitude,

Kristin Brown

Kristin Brown