It's Getting Real

This project has a timing of it's own.  It has been a teacher, a guide, a purpose, a passion, a choice I can only say yes to.

Imbued is much more than a sustainably made robe line. It is an artistic platform to express, learn and inspire.  It is a reason to write about raising mass consciousness, exploring higher purposes, giving back, being healthier mind, body and spirit and expressing feminine beauty in ways not always known.  

Imbued is about making a difference by finding yourself through losing yourself in the service of others.

As of now many pieces are weaving together to bring Imbued further into reality.  I've been working with my graphic designer to change the font of Imbued's logo.  It's not exactly ready but I'm giving you a sneak peak in this update.  You can see it above.

I just recieved the hand carved olive wood buttons that will hold the inside of the robes secure and comfy around the waist.  I'm waiting to receive the lace trim from Italy that took me 2 years to find. You can see it in the picture below.

Once I have all materials I will ship them to LA to a professional pattern and sample maker. The facility is actually a US apparel manufacturer with over 20 years of experience.  They work with brands such as Target and Estee Lauder and small businesses such as Imbued.  I spoke with the CEO yesterday to get a better understanding of the process and he was incredibly gentle and encouraging. 

I should have some gorgeous samples to show in the next several months.   

The robe in the picture below will be one of the first designs offered.  It will come in 2 colors; Green Mist and Castle Rock Grey and made from a super soft and very light weight Modal fabric.  

The other robe design will be long in sleeve and length with no lace trim. This design will be offered in 3 colors; Grass Green, Black and Morracan Blue and also made from Modal fabric.  

I still have to name both robe designs.  I'm open to suggestions if you want to comment on Instagram!

I choose Modal as the fabric because it is breathable and silky smooth to the touch. It’s designed to absorb dye and stay color-fast when washed.  It has an impressive resistance to shrinkage and pilling as well.  

Modals manufacturing process involves spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees.  The enviromental foorprint is a positive one – it’s carbon-neutral, requires less land to grow than cotton and has a water consumption level that’s ten to twenty times less than that of cotton. Many therefore see Modal as an eco-friendly choice.  There is still lots of room to grow as far as sustainable options for textiles.

I hope my journey gives you a bit of inspiration.  When you're ready to change your life and take action everyday it is one of the most profound experiences that life has to offer.  A quote keeps resounding in my thoughts lately, "Life doesn't happen to you it happens for you."

I invite you to give yourself a pat on the back everyday for the things you've shown up for.  Give yourself credit, love yourself a little more everyday.  It's for the beneift of way more than you could even imagine.

Thanks for showing up in this moment and being apart of my journey!

Kristin Brown