Mission Statement: To expand conscious consumerism through ethically made, sustainable fashion. To promote free-spirited fun and support community through nonprofits donations!


About Imbued


A funny thing happened on the way to the mailbox.

Well, …sorta kinda.

To satiate my hunger for service and a longing to give back (“My Story” will explain), I began a social media campaign to educate on the environmental and ethical impacts of the commercial fashion industry, unsustainable consumerism, and provide a creative solution that would address these challenges.

And then…

In a frustrated effort to find a bathrobe— everything I found was either too frumpy or too sexy to wear to the mailbox.  

That’s when the idea hit me!

I would design a comfy and feminine, eco-friendly, and ethically made bathrobe!

Imbued was born.

Out of the nest of my desire to serve, and fueled by creative inspiration, a line of women’s robes emerged.

Imbued robes are made in the U.S.A. using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices to contribute to the #slowfashionmovement and the #fashionrevolution, and give back to local, Hawaii non-profits.


My Story

You probably have a story about an event in your life that had such a positive impact; its influence can be felt in your life to this day?


Maybe you trace the events of your story back to college when you changed your major then changed your life?  Or perhaps you hitchhiked through Europe with a backpack, and now the spirit of exploration has its signature on everything you do?

My life-changing experience was the time I served in AmeriCorps.

Ten-months spent with a diverse group of young adults from ages 18-24 traveling, eating, sleeping, laughing, and at times crying together.

We built a boardwalk in a national park in New Mexico and assisted middle school teachers in Denver. On Lake Superior, we served as a maintenance crew, and in Alabama we helped with disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina.

I’ve never been the same.

The AmeriCorp experience left me with a hunger to be of service.  Which has caused me to wonder if service is an essential human need like sleeping and eating?  I’ve not answered that question yet, but I do know this: