Eco-Fashion Materials

Beech Tree Forest

Beech Tree Forest

So what makes a garment eco-conscious, anyway?

The straight answer is clothing designs that consider the environment, the health of the consumers who'll wear the clothes, and the working conditions of the people involved in the process.

The short answer is… 3 E's of eco-conscious clothing: Environment, end-user, and ethics!

When setting out on this entrepreneurial journey, these three standards became the pillars on which Imbued robes would be made... ethically manufactured, made of eco-friendly materials.

Simple...right? Not so. I would soon find out that finding just the right fabric for my that was ultra comfy, long lasting, and made sustainably...would be an education and a fantastic odyssey! 

Let's just say I kissed a lot of frogs to find the prince of material choices for my first collection.

Lenzing Certified Modal was the winner!  It is a seriously soft, lightweight, yet super durable fabric that won't pill or lose its color and it's biodegradable..

On that score, I was stoked!

It is made from beech trees —a low-water demand tree that is also pesticide free and renewable...scored again!

But, like all the choices we make in life, there are pluses and minuses.

The 3 "Pluses"...

Not only is Modal insanely comfy, and won't wear out for a good long time...

Imbued’s Modal fabric is Lenzing certified, which means a commitment to using only beech tree wood from forests that follow sustainable forestry legislation and methods. Check!

It is also certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, an independent testing and certification system that tests for harmful substances during all stages of production. Wow!

And 1 minus...

Modal uses a chemical process to create the fibers. 

That being said, Modal gets a 3-to-1 score. And rest assured we're still on the hunt for an organic process that is a home run!

Bringing humanity back into the equation.

A primary concern for Imbued robes, is human equality, and ethics in the manufacturing process.  And transparency is a big deal to Imbued, and my ongoing concern-- considering the fashion industry has a less than transparent supply chain. 

Sewing it together with positive island vibes!

Designed on Kauai, and made in the USA at a Los Angeles-based sew factory called 9B Apparel...their two-decades of a reputation as an ethical employer in the fashion business, met with our high standards.

So why, Imbued?

Imbued's primary aim is to educate about the fast fashion industry, and unsustainable clothing consumerism through the creative allure of a super soft, not-too-sexy-for-the-mailbox robe.

Through education and social media engagement, we plan to give back to the island of Kauai in the process, with proceeds to support local non-profits (click here to see how we give-back...and how you can, too).

We know one robe isn't going to clean up the dirty business of fast fashion…but one sustainable, and ethically made robe today, may lead to more conscious choices about your wardrobe tomorrow!

Also, together…each one of us…making one conscious choice at a time will make a massive wave of change.

You with me?