Service work imbued me with a lasting sense of significance, the way dye applied to white cloth colors every fiber it touches.

And the experience taught me the value and power of community, and the rewards that come when we break free from our comfort zones!

Fast-forward 14 years…

12 of which I spent working in the natural products industry in Hawaii with a focus on the healing power of medicinal plants, organic foods and environmental sustainability—a career path that has embedded in me a conscious consumer ethos. 

And as a mother I aim to be a positive influence for my daughter (like every mother does)—to share with her the value of community, the virtue of service, and environmental stewardship—hopeful she will experience for herself that sense of lasting significance too.

My years spent in the Hawaiian Islands—amidst awe-inspiring natural beauty—I’ve come to know and value the meaning of Aloha. Embodied in Aloha is the essence of my AmeriCorps experience so many years ago that is still paying forward in my life today with Imbued.