Boogie Boards + Women's Robes + Animal Rescues =

What do boogie boards have to do with women’s robes and how does an animal rescue center tie in with the fashion industry?  Well let me explain…
Recently I decided last minute to stop by a kid’s boogie board contest.  It wasn't ideal "beach day" weather but I went with my 9 year old daughter anyway.  A friend of mine named Kristy Wong was helping serve food for the event.  I hadn’t seen her for about 3 years.  Last I knew she was running a traveling petting zoo and was ready to move to Oregon with her husband and 3 daughters.  Their decision to leave Kauai wasn’t easy but times were tough.
Being born and raised on Kauai it didn’t feel right for Christy and her ohana to be so far away from home.  People kept reaching out about animals that needed rescuing and inquiring for booking availabilities with the petting zoo.  The Wong Family knew they needed to find a way to move back to Kauai and make it work.
They had a big vision to share with Kauai, especially the youth.  The goal was to start an animal rescue and education center.  When they returned to Kauai they connected with donated land for the non-profit.  Then Kauai got hit with historic flooding last year and it devastated the land.   

When circumstances were looking bad something unexpected happened.  One Sunday, Christy’s husband Keola helped a friend with a tree trimming job.  There, Keola met a man who asked him about what he does.  Keola explained the animal rescue non-profit which intrigued the man.  The man gave Keola his business card and said call him the following day.  After their phone conversation, the man was so moved by the Wong Family’s mission and dedication that he donated 7 acres of land to them.  Forward 6 months later and I cross paths with Christy at a time where there's so much excitement and break throughs occurring for her family.  Now the Wong Family’s non-profit know as Kauai Animal Education Center officially has a home.
When I heard Christy’s story that day at the boogie board contest I literally felt her words in my heart.  I knew the synchronicity of seeing her was special.  Since the very first moment when the idea of creating Imbued came to mind I knew I wanted to help small non-profits with a percentage of proceeds.  The idea was also to document regularly what the non-profit was doing. 
Imbued is not just an eco-conscious women’s apparel line.  It’s a vehicle for change and inspiration.  It’s a disguise to help me do what I really want to do which is:

  • Educate and inspire on sustainable ways of living.

  • Work with non-profits and help others feel compelled to do the same.

  • Show the good happening everyday despite how challenging following your dreams can be.

I had 2 non-profits narrowed down that I wanted to support with Imbued’s first round of proceeds but I hadn’t confirmed anything yet.  After meeting with Christy on her farm I knew I had found the perfect one. 

The Wong Family sacrifices a lot of comforts to make KAEC possible.  Taking care of 100 animals is more than a full-time job, it’s an everyday commitment.  These guys live 40 minutes away from the donated land and come every day rain or shine.  Sometimes if the new rescue is a baby it may need to go home with the family for its regular 2 hour feedings.  There’s lots ahead with KAEC so stay tuned!

You never know in life how things can all weave together.  That’s the beauty of it.  Stay open to all possibilities and pay attention to the things you do that make you happy.  I believe these feelings reflect what our gifts are.  For the Wong Family it’s definitely working with animals and children.  Check out Imbued’s saved KAEC Instagram stories to see what they’re doing.  If you want to join the fun and or help check them out at 

Kristin Brown