I Have A Secret

I have a secret.  I don’t think I’m that great of a writer.   But I like to write because I like sharing information that’s interesting and expressive.  When I share information in person, my aim is to start intriguing conversations.  Small talk has its place but I like to go deeper with our thought interactions to discover new information and new perspectives.

I didn’t like writing in high school.  Now I’m jonsing to take a writing workshop.  I’m good at teaching on topics pertaining to health, sustainability and innovations for “green living”.   This has been my job as an herbal supplement rep for 12 years.  I want to be able to roll that ability into my writing.
One of my current writing interests is documenting what Kauai Animal Education Center is doing.  It’s been uplifting to watch KAEC’s progression.  As a follow-up to the article before this, the BIG news is KAEC was recently gifted 2 donated shipping containers for their farm.  This shows what comes from faith and dedication.  These guys easily could have given up when they lost the donated property for their animals in the flooding last year along with the loss of some animals.  Not only were they then gifted with 7 acres of some of the most gorgeous, fertile land (with a stream running through it and all) but now, safe places for the animals if the weather gets rough. 
My 9 year old daughter and I helped at KAEC's Community Volunteer Day this past Saturday.  We didn’t want to leave, in fact we stayed for several many more hours.  Christy Wong, KAEC founder, said that’s exactly what the aim is, for folks to want to stay longer, spend time with the animals and help lend an extra hand.  The volunteers that showed up were a reflection of the Wong Family’s good intentions for the community.  One woman was interested in working with KAEC to offer classes on the farm and donate half of her proceeds to KAEC.  I won’t let the word out on what that class pertains to because it’s not official yet. 
From the donated land and shelters to their eager volunteers, I’m continually impressed observing what KAEC's attracting.  I’m curious to see how many Imbued robes will sell for the first launch because that will determine how much Imbued can contribute to KAEC’s beautiful mission.  It starts with you spreading the word.  You can let folks know to sign up at www.imbued.co for this newsletter. 
Speaking of robes as I type this, Imbued’s L.A. based manufacturer is shipping the longer robe sample back to me.  It will arrive next week.  I have several photos shoots lined up with 2 photographers.  This will bring life to some of my long awaited photo ideas and to relationships I’ve been looking forward to growing.
A highlight of the week is that my textile supplier shipped Imbued’s grey fabric free of charge to the L.A. manufacturer.  Somehow the grey fabric never shipped with the other 4 colors but by the time I caught the mistake it was out of the timeframe for a refund.  I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I was. 
The grey fabric will be used for the next revisions on the short robe.  If the revisions for both the long and short robes look and fit lovely then launch time is the next step.  This means it’s time for a big marketing push to get the word out.  I’ll be contacting many strangers that are in the business of promoting conscious consumer choices.  Here's another secret, I'm a little nervous but just taking it one action at a time.  Check out Imbued’s Instagram or Facebook page to see all that's been happening if you haven't yet! 

Kristin Brown